Dr. Bohdan Minczak

Hahnemann Medical Center



First come, first serve. Please click on the link on your right to sign up for shadowing dates with Dr. Minczak. Please read the e-mail that was sent for the requirements in order to shadow. We will send out emails on when Dr. Minczak is available for shadowing.

Dr. Stobart

Einstein Medical Center

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

5501 Old York Road Philadelphia, PA 19141



Dr. Stobart has found ~5 other EM Docs at Einstein who are willing to take PCOM students on a shift with them. Due to the high variability among the different physicians' shifts she has requested that you submit 3-5 dates/times on which you would be available to shadow. Please submit dates that are at least more than 1 week from the date you are completing the shadowing request form. This will allow amply time for Dr. Stobart to pair you with a physician to shadow and for the the paperwork to be completed. Submit your dates/times to her by clicking the sign up box to the right.

Be sure to wear scrubs and your white coat + bring your stethoscope!


Suggest Shadowing Opportunities!

More Shadowing Opportunities Coming Soon! We are always working on spreading our club's network of emergency physicians, after all the more docs you get to know, the more likely you are to get a residency!  Use the box to the right to submit places that you think might have shadowing opportunities or if you know any docs that would allow students to follow them.