PCOM Emergency Medicine Club Mission Statement:

The Emergency Medicine Club is united in its mission to educate, inspire and strengthen its members. We stand to encourage students to explore the incredible field of emergency medicine and give to them a sense of confidence in knowing that they are outside of their comfort zone. Education is our top priority; emergency medicine draws on knowledge from all other specialties, and requires a completely unique approach to the synthesis of that information in order to save the life of the patient lying on the stretcher.

They, the members, will learn resuscitative techniques (CPR, ACLS, airway management, and IV/IO placement) in addition to the requisite diagnostic and intellectual skills required to use those techniques effectively (12-­lead interpretation, POC ultrasound, rapid patient assessment, focused examination and patient report, shadowing opportunities in the emergency department, plus seminars and training on how to gain the mindset of an emergency physician).

We believe in hands-­on, case-­based, learning that allows students to learn the basics while simultaneously learning to assimilate their preclinical knowledge into advanced clinical medicine, and we believe it is important for students to start doing this in their first year, rather than their third. Through hands­-on case-­based learning, clinical seminars, skills ­training sessions, and emergency medicine speakers, we hope that anybody who enters with an interest in emergency medicine, leaves with a passion for it. Through social and collaborative events with other clubs on campus, and important community service opportunities that expose them to the social issues which, tragically, bring many patients into the emergency department, we hope that our members will use their newfound skills and passion to inspire systemic change.

We are the emergency medicine club and we train our members to save lives. Are you in?